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It's Here! The Dream Fitness Free E-Book by Raquel Phillips

I have discovered a few things that truly mattered in prioritizing my health and deciding the quality of life I truly wanted to live as I approach 40. This e-book is comprised of the things that I feel have been the most essential in understanding how to lose weight, change my mindset, and change my life. The e-book includes suggestions that helped me eat to live well and the 15 things I wish I knew BEFORE beginning my weight loss journey. These tips can help you start or bolster your journey, and it's yours absolutely free! 



I created this challenge because I believe not knowing where to start is one of the biggest obstacles to losing weight, getting fit, or making any lifestyle change.


This 7-day challenge includes a different workout for each day that you can do at home. It’s my hope that this challenge will be a place to start, a momentum builder, and a journey starter for many.


So, join me in this challenge and let’s go after making our dream bodies (the bodies that can do the things that make life worth it) a reality! 



Download the challenges and then visit the "Dream Fit Videos" page to see the demonstration videos for each exercise! 


Meet Raquel

Raquel Phillips is a writer, digital creator, certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and entrepreneur. She is a wife, and mother of 6 amazing children from toddler to teen. She currently resides in Virginia Beach, VA with her family.


Featured In Modern Parent 

Raquel loves to share stories about how she has chosen to celebrate parenting with love and logic, as she continues on her journey as a parent of 6 children in almost every stage of adolescence. These stories are all published in the Modern Parent publication, click below to be reminded that we are all in this parenting thing together...

Fitness Equipments

Health & Fitness 
Eating To Live Well: 7 Suggestions That Helped Me Lose Over 50 lbs

That past year has been an extreme journey that has shaped how I view my body and physical fitness. In reflection of that time, I came up with these seven suggestions that have helped me lose weight and fuel my body for success.

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Check out some healthy recipes and a few indulgences that Raquel has shared on her platforms over the years. From deconstructed sushi bowls to her favorite vegan dishes, here Raquel shares it all.... 

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Life + Parenting

Need help setting up a morning routine for your toddler? Need ideas for your next teacher appreciation project or Halloween celebration? Raquel shares all her tips, tricks, and some motivational mommy stories along the way....  

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Home + DIY

From her DIY coastal stairs remodel, to how she makes her favorite holiday wreaths, here Raquel shares her favorite DIY and home projects. Check it out.... 


My DIY Coastal Chair Up-cycle Project in 4 Simple Steps

While driving through my neighborhood, I found two solid wood dining chairs that were being thrown out. I reached out to the homeowner to make sure it was okay to take them, and with their blessing, I took them home to begin another DIY project to add to our DIY coastal home project arsenal.


Meal Planning

Make meal planning a breeze using Raquel's tips, tricks, and hacks. Download meal planning resources like meal calendars, fillable grocery lists, and find information on how to use these tools effectively.  


Phillips Family Fall Fun

Check out the Phillips family's favorite fall fun activities, from scavenger hunts to DIY monster donuts, pumpkin painting, and more. Get fall fun inspiration here!  

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10 Tips To Manage Your Family's Busy Schedule

With six children and their various activities, I am the poster girl for scheduling anxiety, however, I do have a little bit of insight into the balancing act that back-to-school time intensifies. So, I thought I’d compile a few quick tips that can help us navigate scheduling issues.


5 Grocery Hacks From a Mom of 6

In order to execute any meal plan or be intentional about eating goals, you have to have the groceries on hand, and to ensure you have the groceries you need it’s always helpful to have a grocery shopping plan. So, I have compiled 5 tips that have made grocery shopping a breeze for my large family.


5 Tips to Convert Your Dining Room Into a Nursery

These are the simple steps we took to transform our formal dining room into a nursery using design and decor. Please take a peek at our journey of creating a temporary extra bedroom space.


"So, You're Here To Wipe My Butt"

A look into the wild, wild west of raising a toddler!