5 Tips to Convert Your Dining Room to a Nursery

By: Raquel Phillips


These are the simple steps we took to transform our formal dining room into a nursery using design and decor. Please take a peek at our journey of creating a temporary extra bedroom space. (Check out the picture gallery at the end) 

Door Installation

The first thing we did to transform the room was we installed barn doors on the two openings to the space. We didn’t opt for traditional doors so that when we sell, the room can still readily convert to a “private” dining room or study, or future owners can easily remove the doors, and the original dining room remains.

Creating Storage

Since there is no closet, I created storage by purchasing different storage cubes that we can configure multiple ways. I have two shelves with four squares, one eight square shelf, and two shelves with four squares. I purchased cubes for each cubby hole and designated them for clothes and toys. I first chose cloth cubes, and it turned out they were not sturdy. So I opted for a combination of mesh cubes and wooden cubes, which have been extremely sturdy. I used clip-on labels to keep things organized and functional for the children.

Choosing Furniture

I found a bed that was also functional and fun. We started with a crib and car bed, and after the boys began using the car bed as a jungle gym, I quickly realized it was not going to survive. After searching for the perfect bed that would be appropriate as the boys grew, we opted for the cutest cottage bunk bed, which included a Montessori floor bed as the bottom bunk that we found on Amazon. My toddler and preschooler loved it.

Turn The Lights On

I switched to a light fixture with a ceiling fan to keep the space cool during the warmer months. I opted for one with enclosed blades to give the area a more updated feel. The light fixture is also appropriate if the space is converted back in the future.

Decor, Decor, Decor

I gave the room a car theme and chose bead spreads, pictures, and wall hanging that all correspond to the theme. Everywhere I went, if I saw something car-related, I bought it. Once I had a collection of findings, I arranged them all in an aesthetically pleasing way. An eclectic decor selection made the room cordial and fun yet cohesive because it’s all car-themed. I also printed large poster prints of photos I had taken of the boys. I printed them using Snapfish.com. I then purchased inexpensive wood poster frames from Michaels craft store and used them as wall decor.

View Our Transformed Nursery Below 

Raquel Phillips is a writer, digital creator, CPT, certified group fitness instructor, and entrepreneur. She is a wife and mother of 6 amazing children. She resides in Virginia Beach, VA.



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