Dream Fit 7-Day Beginner's Challenge

Demonstration Videos

Practicing Yoga

Are you looking for a place to start? 

This is it. 

My first Dream Fit bodyweight challenge. Join me for 7 days of workouts that you can do anywhere! You do not need the gym or equipment to complete this challenge! Just bring you! It does not matter if you are trying to lose weight, trying to work up to a 5k, or simply trying to get your body moving to feel better and promote longevity, you can start here! So, join me in this challenge and let’s go after making our dream bodies (the bodies that can do the things that make life worth it) a reality! 

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Already signed up? Below are the demonstration videos for the exercises you need in order to complete the challenge! 

Dream Fit 7-Day Beginner's Challenge Demonstration Videos

Before you get started, I have to mention that just like any workout program, before you begin this challenge, you should be cleared by your doctor to begin this or any fitness challenge. Next, if you are a beginner, the most essential part of this challenge is consistency! Look at your schedule and decide where you will fit 45 minutes into each day to focus on your physical fitness. For questions email hello@raquelphillips.com.