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Healthy Veggie Treats

My Favorite Recipes

Check out some healthy recipes and a few indulgences that Raquel has shared on her platforms over the years. From deconstructed sushi bowls to her favorite vegan dishes, here Raquel shares it all.... 


Meal Planning

Make meal planning a breeze using Raquel's tips, tricks, and hacks. Download meal planning resources like meal calendars, fillable grocery lists, and find information on how to use these tools effectively.  


Modern Parent

Raquel loves to share stories about how she has chosen to celebrate parenting with love and logic, as she continues on her journey as a parent of 6 children in almost every stage of adolescence. These stories are all published in the Modern Parent publication, click below to be reminded that we are all in this parenting thing together...


Home + DIY

From her DIY coastal stairs remodel, to how she makes her favorite holiday wreaths, here Raquel shares her favorite DIY and home projects. Check it out.... 


Life + Parenting 

Need help setting up a morning routine for your toddler? Need ideas for your next teacher appreciation project or Halloween celebration? Raquel shares all her tips, tricks, and some motivational mommy stories along the way....