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"Because your dream body without a plan, is just a wish."


Dream Fitness Planner
Now Available in 3 Colors

I created this planner because I genuinely believe that your dream body, without a plan, is just a wish. When I started my fitness journey a bit over a year, my dream body was simply one that did not hurt every time I moved and could get me through raising my family of six children alongside my husband with strength and grace. However, I had no idea where to start and no plan. It was easy to lose motivation, so no plan meant my progress was stagnated. Along the way, I realized that the key to steady progress was planning and consistency. Adopt a plan and execute whether you are “feeling it” or not. 


So, in the last few months, planning and consistency are what I have used to help me stay on track. I started journaling my progress in a little notebook that I kept next to my bed. Without reflection and self-awareness, I realized you could not do anything that requires a growth mindset, like changing your body composition. Journaling & planning your journey is a vital tool for reflection, self-awareness, and ultimately growth. 


A few months later, that little notebook became The Dream Fitness Planner, and I’m so excited to share it with all of you so that we can work toward our dream bodies together!



— Workout Log Printables (3 versions): (Including reps, sets, weights, cardio duration, speed & distance)

— Daily Planner

— Habit Tracker 

— Pamper Routine

— Self Care Plan 

— Progress/ Body Measurement 

— Meal Tracker 

— Recipe Card

— Grocery Shopping List 

— Mood Tracker 

— Journal 

— Self Care For a Bad Day Reminder

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Dream Fitness 21 Day Work Out At Home Challenge 

If you are a beginner or just looking for some variety in your home workouts, the Dream Fit 21 day challenge offers 21 different workout combinations plus one bonus workout. 

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Morning Routine Daily Journal Prompt PDF

Fill the first 15 minutes of your day with intention. 

Routines and systems are the hallmarks of almost every successful person that I have heard tell their story. Everything starts with mindset, and we have learned from experience how easy it is to binge eat, get addicted to social media, or chase negative thoughts down the rabbit hole.


But what if we put positive habits and growth hacks on autopilot in lieu of those things that drain us and leave us feeling unhappy after all is said and done? This daily journal prompt is about doing exactly that! 


“My First 15 Minutes” is a daily journal prompt that I used to help me establish a morning routine, set my intentions for the day, and grow my positive mindset exponentially. 


Attention is easily split, so instead of trying to accomplish every single thing that lives in your head, this prompt will help you to highlight the top 3 priorities and gives you a roadmap for how to focus your day once those things are completed. 


It’s been extremely helpful in changing how I thought about myself and my abilities and how I navigate each day. The power of this day starter can be yours too!